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Why Choose Us?

Persian Network Information Technology

Our company was established to provide clients with fast, reliable service. With close to 12 years of IT experience, we not only offer state-of-the-art technology but also take pride in our team’s personal, human touch to help you improve your business. Why PersianNIT? Because we do everything it takes to make sure you’re happy.

How can we help you with Information Technology?

Whether your organization is a small business with one server or an enterprise a tiered approach to security is absolutely vital to protect your infrastructure from both known and unknown threats. More so than ever before malicious groups on the Internet stealing data or disrupting e-commerce have become an extensive business. PersianNIT provides multiple security products as options for dedicated servers.

Dedicated Hardware Firewalls

A dedicated hardware firewall is deployed in front of one or more dedicated servers and inspects and filters all traffic entering your network from PersianNIT. In addition, hardware firewalls at PersianNIT are capable of both branch office and SSL VPN. Dedicated hardware firewalls can be deployed as PersianNIT-managed or customer-managed devices giving you ultimate control over the configuration of your firewall. This includes all traffic logging, reporting, and monitoring.

All of the PersianNIT dedicated hardware firewalls also support optional unified threat management features such as Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) mitigation, Gateway Anti-Virus, Intrusion Prevention (IPS), and Reputation Enabled Defense.

When choosing an infrastructure provider to host your critical IT applications there are several major factors to consider such as risk mitigation, performance, reliability, scalability, and value. PersianNIT offers flexible and customizable hosting solutions which range from a single Virtual Private Server to a private suite full of dedicated servers.